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Cache Valley Electric has been an industry leader in electrical construction in the Salt Lake City market for over 30 years. With over 1200 CVE team members in our CVE Salt Lake City is able to take on projects of any size and complexity. Our largest prefabrication facility is located in its own 73,028 sq ft building, and assists all our divisions with all aspects preconstruction. CVE Salt Lake City is also the headquarters of CVE Technologies Group, Observian and CVE IoT Solutions. CVE Salt Lake City's office buildings showcases the beautiful craftsmanship and technology solutions offered by our teledata, multimedia, IPD, and wireless teams. Contact us to schedule a demo or campus tour anytime.  

CVE Salt Lake City Capabilities and Solutions

  • Commercial Electrical Construction

    The CVE electrical construction team takes a comprehensive approach to projects, involving our in-house electrical engineering and design professionals, preconstruction team, project management, field leadership, and skilled union work force. In addition to commercial electrical construction services, we specialize in mission critical projects, design build, design assist, and IPD delivery methods, and specialty projects.

  • Mission Critical

    CVE has over a decade of experience in mission critical data center construction. We have constructed 300+ MW of data center space in the United States including hyperscale projects, colocation data center modules (DCM), and sophisticated facilities for leading technology companies, colocation corporations, and government entities.

  • Design Build / Assist & IPD

    The future of construction is collaboration. The CVE design build, design assist, and IPD (integrated project delivery) team understands the dynamics and advantages of cooperative building and thrives in a Lean construction culture.

  • Preconstruction

    CVE has a fully staffed preconstruction team of electrical engineers, a full BIM/VDC design team, preconstruction managers, prefabrication professionals, audio visual design engineers and programmers, network engineers, and a software dev/ops team, all in-house. 

  • Power Delivery & Civil Infrastructure

    Before the ground-breaking and site work, before steel is erected and concrete is poured, before walls go up and lights go on, the CVE Power Delivery and Civil Infrastructure group is there to bring power to the site, distribute power, and deliver power to signals and streetlights.

  • Teledata

    CVE Teledata provides low voltage physical infrastructure solutions for high performance building systems. The CVE Teledata team is comprised of highly skilled and credentialled professionals who adhere to industry best practices as prescribed by BICSI, TIA, and NFPA.

  • Multimedia

    CVE’s multimedia team of experts combine spatial, technical, and operational thinking to design effective, reliable, and easy-to-use solutions. Our design build capabilities, high level programming team, and integrated delivery method provide the best value and customer care in the industry.

  • Wireless

    Our in-house Distributed Antenna System (DAS) team expands wireless network connectivity and capacity in new and existing buildings by improving data speeds and bringing cellular coverage into buildings either not served by nearby cell towers or where cell towers may be at capacity.

  • Physical Security - Avtec Systems Integrator

    Avtec Systems Integrator can offer complete master plan development, design build, installation, maintenance, and service of fully integrated access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance.  We help secure people, property and assets by collaborating with our customers to understand their specific risks in order to provide effective mitigating strategies.

  • CVE Technologies Group

    CVE Technologies Group is a Gold Cisco Partner with Advanced Specializations for Enterprise Networking, Collaboration, and Security. At CVE Technologies Group, our team of account managers, network engineers, and technology support staff have years of experience coupled with the most advanced training to help you navigate even the most complex technology with ease.

  • Observian Cloud Solutions

    Observian helps companies assess, build, and implement cloud strategies around migrations, security, automation, and monitoring to ensure that companies are scalable, compliant and secure. Our AWS, GCP and Microsoft Azure cloud solutions generate scalable and agile enterprises.

  • Service & Specialty Projects

    CVE can handle everything from on-site troubleshooting and maintenance to specialty work in manufacturing and production operations. CVE’s service team provides customers with 24/7 on-site electrical troubleshooting and service.

  • Heavy Industrial

    For more than 40 years, steel mill companies throughout the United States have been working with Cache Valley Electric for greenfield, brownfield, and shutdown work and maintenance. CVE is viewed as the industry leader for electrical installations on steel mills around the US.

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