Cache Valley Electric IoT Solutions

IoT solutions and services for healthcare, enterprise, government and industrial entities

CVE IoT Solutions coordinates IoT (Internet of Things Solutions) device installations through Cache Valley Electric and its partner network across the country and around the globe. CVE IoT Solutions keeps customers in touch and informed in every stage of installation and construction.

We provide IoT solutions for nearly any situation:

  • IoT Security Solutions
  • Industrial IoT Solutions
  • IoT Business Solutions
  • IoT Cybersecurity Solutions
  • IoT Network Security Solutions
  • Solutions for IoT security

CVE Internet of Things IoT Solutions is a technology systems integrator and collects IoT device data, analyzes information, then initiates an actionable item—all in an instant—over a network. We utilize edge and fog computing to bring data processing power closer to the sources of data for better and more scalable performance. We are, essentialy, an IoT software solutions company.

We also provide complete managed services and IoT device monitoring to support our customers in every aspect of IoT device and smart building management.

CVE IoT Solutions Capabilities
  • IoT device installation and management
  • Temporary WiFi networks
  • Web-connected devices
  • Location tracking
  • Integration and storage
  • Managed services

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