DAS Wireless Distributed Antenna System

Wireless Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) improve data speeds and expand cellular coverage for private entities and public safety emergency response. Whether you’re in an emergency or just the middle of an important call, being able to get proper DAS wireless and cellular coverage is essential--in fact, it may be the difference between life and death.

At Cache Valley Electric, we recognize the importance that distributed antenna design plays in the life of our customers, and we are committed to being the DAS wireless company that can deliver on our promises to provide you with good connections all the time, every time. DAS systems are our lifeblood, and we exist because our DAS wireless has the power to change your business, to get proper emergency response, and to never have a hiccup in the DAS system.

Wireless connectivity is a key component of today’s responsive communication. Our in-house Distributed Antenna System (DAS) team expands wireless network connectivity and capacity in new and existing buildings by improving data speeds and bringing cellular coverage into buildings either not served by nearby cell towers or where cell towers may be at capacity. Dead zones and dropped calls are a thing of the past when our CVE Distributed Antenna System (DAS) team installs a state-of-the art system in your building. Our relationships with all of the major carriers ensure that there are no holes in the cellular coverage that keeps your business connected.

In the case of public safety, a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) could make the difference in a critical situation and can help save lives. CVE’s Distributed Antenna System (DAS) engineers have the sophistication to provide solutions to your unique business needs.

We’ve seen the power of distributed antenna systems in national emergencies. You’ve probably seen the power of it, too, though you may not have realized what you were seeing. It’s when reliable communication takes place during a disaster. It’s when people can call for help when there’s an emergency. It’s when folks can tell their loved ones that they’re safe after a life-threatening storm, flood, or earthquake. Distributed antenna systems are a vital part of the betterment of our communities.

CVE Wireless Capabilities
  • iBwave certified design engineers
  • Complete turnkey in-building Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Multi-carrier and public safety systems
  • Systems guaranteed to meet and exceed carrier requirements
  • Extensive relationships with all carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, and T-mobile
  • In-house, in-building engineering team including design, testing, maintenance, and consulting services
  • Certified with all major equipment manufacturers

We work with the highest quality and best wireless technologies and equipment.

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JMA Wireless
Solid Technologies
T Mobile

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