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Intrusion detection system, video surveillance, and access control to safeguard your space.

Avtec Systems Integrator can offer complete master plan development, design build, installation, maintenance and service of fully integrated access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance.  We help secure people, property and assets by collaborating with our customers to understand their specific risks in order to provide effective mitigating strategies.

Our main emphasis in the utility, air, transportation, government and high-tech sectors allows us to offer our clients the most recent and proven technologies for all their security, building management and process management needs. We consistently deliver the highest quality products, with the best customer service in the industry.

What we offer:

Access: Far beyond traditional access badges, Avtec’s access system integration and visitor management system helps you keep track of everyone in your entire facility, allowing and restricting access, and keeping a log of who goes where when. It is the next step forward in facility management. 

Perimeter/Intrusion Detection: These Avtec systems integrators safeguard critical infrastructure, but use open architecture that will allow you to integrate them into your existing security technology. They are advanced and reliable, and offer comprehensive notifications.

Video Surveillance: With a comprehensive security strategy that will benefit risk management, employee safety, and monitoring security (and more), these video surveillance system integrators work in conjunction with your live viewing capabilities and digital recording.

Process Control--Video Monitoring: Avtec takes your video monitoring to the next level by warning of exposure to dangerous conditions.

Our integrated solutions and products give our clients the ability to create systems that are complete, cost effective and efficient to use. We offer a wide range of network-based products that function seamlessly to provide our clients the highest degree of reliability in access control, perimeter and intrusion detection, and video surveillance.

Avtec Physical Security Capabilities
  • Access Control
  • Perimeter/Intrusion Detection
  • Video Surveillance
  • Process Control – Video Monitoring

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Rocky Mountain Power
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