CVE has a fully integrated preconstruction team dedicated to increasing project productivity, optimizing customer schedules, reducing labor costs, and controlling waste. With careful, thoughtful, collaborative preconstruction, we build value into every project right from the start.

CVE has a fully staffed preconstruction team of electrical engineers, a full BIM/VDC design team, preconstruction managers, prefabrication professionals, audio visual design engineers and programmers, network engineers, and a software dev/ops team, all in-house. CVE can work with a client from project inception through completion: designing, engineering, building, installing, and managing—all the while value engineering, refining, & coordinating with other subcontractors for constructability issues.  3D BIM modeling along with coordinated engineering and design efforts allow for tight schedules and cost-efficient builds with predictable results. On-site, just-in-time delivery of prefabricated kits preserves precious real estate on the project site as well as clearly delineating daily job tasks for the field labor. These timed, coordinated installs reduce schedule time and increase jobsite efficiency and safety. CVE is leading from the front in preconstruction. With over 100 years of experience as a foundation, we find new ways to innovate every day and continue to illuminate industry.

CVE Preconstruction Capabilities
  • In-house BIM and VDC team
  • Complete preconstruction services
  • Prefabrication and off-site construction

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James Martin, Director of VDC and Preconstruction | Cache Valley Electric