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Aligned Energy

West Jordan, UT

Project Details

    Okland Construction
    Aligned Energy
    Data Center
  • SQ FT
    600,000 SQ FT
    Electrical Construction | Mission Critical | Power Distribution | Signal & Utility

Project Overview

Cache Valley Electric provided electrical construction and mission critical delivery for Aligned Energy in West Jordan, Utah. Aligned Energy is a data center infrastructure technology company offering colocation and data center solutions to cloud, enterprise, and service providers.

Scope of Work:

  • 55 acre property, 250,000 square ft building
  • 130 Megawatts
  • Power is supplied through an A+B redundant distribution system backed by N+1 standby power generation
  • Transmission lines, substation new and rebuild, and distribution new build and maintenance.
  • All excavation for duct banks and light pole foundations.


Project Sparrow was a very important project, as it marked the first time Aligned Energy worked with this specific client. Our teams were told if this project wasn’t successful, we would be “one and done.” The schedule was extremely tight. At the height of construction, we had over 60 electricians working six days a week.

Scope of work included: all line voltage and communication conduits related to this project, security raceways, BMS installation, installation of all owner-furnished equipment, interior lighting related to the data halls, all feeder busway and busway disconnects. CVE also provided NETA testing, as well as startup and commissioning support.


Much like the first phase, CVE teams worked on an extremely tight schedule. At the height of construction, we had over 80 electricians working seven days a week.

Total site hours (not including Line Division or Signal & Utility Division) totaled 112,408. Total Mega Watts was 12.

CVE’s Signal and Utility group handled the excavation. CVE’s Mission Critical, Line and Teledata teams installed: all medium voltage, line voltage and communication site conduit, fire alarm, BMS, all owner-furnished equipment, all interior lighting in the data halls, and grounding. CVE conducted NETA testing and provided support to commissioning and startup activities.

This project utilized pre-fabricated UPS buildings for this phase of construction. They were built in Missouri and shipped to Utah.


Next, Cache Valley Electric completed electrical construction of two power rooms, as well as the buildout of three data halls. After the project was started, the schedule was accelerated, forcing a very tight schedule. “We hit the mark once again,” says CVE project manager Jeff Williams.

Scope of work included line voltage and communication conduit installation: rigging, setting and connection to all owner furnished equipment; BMS installation; installation of all related interior lighting; grounding installation and security raceway installation; NETA testing; startup and commissioning support.