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Snow Goose Substation


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Project Overview

PacifiCorp awarded CVE’s Transmission Line and Substation Division the contract to construct its Snow Goose 500-230KV Substation located in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

The CVE crew—consisting of Foreman Cory Rosenlof and 26 linemen—installed 75 foundations for 500kv bus work and switches and 200 foundations for 230KV bus work and substations. Division manager Scott Collard remarked, “Digging the holes for the foundations was especially challenging because the ground water level in this area is at seven feet. All of the foundations vary from 8’to 50’ in depth and from 30”to 108” inches in diameter. To solve the problem, our team mixed a slurry of water and bentonite in the shaft to control caving. There was not a single failure out of 275 foundations.”

CVE’s scope of work also includes building lattice towers and installing three 500KV breakers, three 230KV breakers, and a half-mile of 500KV line on lattice towers. Rosenlof noted, “It is very time consuming and takes about ten men a full week to assemble a single lattice tower.”

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