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Mercer Substation


Project Details

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Project Overview

CVE’s Transmission Line & Substation teams constructed the new Mercer 345kV substation in Eagle Mountain, Utah. The substation consists of a new 345kV six-bay breaker and a half-ring bus with six feeds to a customer and four lines back to the grid. Associated switches, bus work, CCVT’s, CT/VT’s, lightning arresters, control house, and emergency generator were installed.

CVE installed a new loop in and out of two 345kV lines to the new Mercer substation. The loop consists of 8 structures – 3 tangent and 5 angles, all steel monopole structures with concrete pier foundations. The loop in is approximately 1 mile in total length. All structures are double circuit and have bundled conductor.

Scope of Work

  • Installed eighteen 345kV circuit breakers
  • Installed forty-four 345kV airbreak switches
  • Installed eighteen 345kV CCVT’s
  • Installed eighteen 345kV metering CT/VT’s
  • Installed two 345kV shunt capacitor banks
  • Installed fifteen 345kV dead-ends and associated steel structures.
  • Installed 7,680’ of 5” and 6” aluminum bus and connections
  • Installed 52,280’ of high voltage conductor and connections.
  • Installed 148,490’ of power and control cable.
  • Installed 27’x45’ control house with associated panels and hardware.

Project was on a very aggressive schedule to meet the needs of the high-profile customers. CVE line division was able to complete the project on time and under budget.