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Salt Lake City International Airport


Project Details

    Austin-Okland, a Joint Venture
    Salt Lake City Dept of Airports
    Electrical Construction | Prefabrication | Preconstruction | Signal & Utility | Teledata | DAS | Avtec Physical Security | CVE Technologies Group

Project Overview

Cache Valley Electric is constructing the North Concourse for the Salt Lake City International Airport. This project consists of a full electrical system, teledata and numerous other systems that a high-tech, advanced building such as this requires. The building is being outfitted with the latest and most up-to-date technology we have available. The redundancy—or backup power—that is built into the electrical services is adequate to power these critical systems, should power outages occur.

We are currently in all stages of construction of the project, including having completed pre-construction electrical services. We have areas we are roughing in conduit work, terminating large switchgear, installing lighting fixtures, finish trim and system(s) devices. We are currently about 50% complete with our contract with an early deliverable date of October 9th 2020. We are on schedule and working steadfast towards that date.

This collaboration represents an excellent opportunity to participate with other CVE divisions in providing significant integrated value to CVE clients.

Electrical Construction Division (ECD) Scope of Work:

  • Dual incoming RMP electrical service yards
  • Dual emergency diesel fired backup generators
  • Emergency backup UPS system
  • Building automation system
  • Distributed antenna system for Airport communications
  • Extensive, custom LED lighting fixture package
  • Ample convenience power, receptacles, etc. for travelers in Concourse area(s)
  • Fire alarm system that communicates with South Concourse and other buildings on the Airport Campus
  • Extensive signage and wayfinding package for travelers
  • Extensive teledata system including full build outs of numerous IT closets
  • Full CCTV and multiple security systems installed in the Airport for different levels of security
  • Public address system throughout concourse for Airport and public communications
  • VDGS (visual docking guidance system) for aligning aircraft at passenger boarding bridges
  • Construction, power and data to Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBBs)
  • Power and data provisions for Airport tenants, vendors, concessions, etc.

Teledata Scope of Work

  • 650,000 Cat6A Shielded Data Cable
  • 6,650 Cat6A Data Jacks
  • 147 Data Cabinets
  • 125,000 feet of fiber cable
  • 7,328 Fiber optics Fusion splices
  • 200,000 feet of Micro-Duct

CVE Technologies Group Scope of Work

  • procure, configure, and deploy the network infrastructure that will provide all connectivity for the concourse
  • cost of the project is approximately $3 million in equipment and services
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