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Shortly after the invention of the light bulb—Henry F. Laub founded Cache Valley Electric in 1915 with an idea of his own—to start a company based on a few simple principles: work hard, make everything top quality, and get the job done on time. Since then, CVE has created a tradition of excellence by having premium equipment, advanced technical skills, effective processes, and most importantly, outstanding employees. For over a century, our CVE corporate headquarters remain in Logan, Utah. 

CVE Corporate Office Capabilities and Solutions

  • Heavy Industrial

    For more than 40 years, steel mill companies throughout the United States have been working with Cache Valley Electric for greenfield, brownfield, and shutdown work and maintenance. CVE is viewed as the industry leader for electrical installations on steel mills thru-out the U.S. and at times, internationally.

  • Commercial Electrical Construction

    Commercial electrical construction is at the core of CVE’s and remains the cornerstone of our business. CVE has powered many of the Logan area's buildings for over 105 years. Our Logan electrical construction and low voltage team works on projects of any size and complexity—from Utah State University's campus projects to manufacturing facilities in Tremonton.

  • Power Delivery & Civil Infrastructure

    Before the ground-breaking and site work, before steel is erected and concrete is poured, before walls go up and lights go on, the CVE Power Delivery and Civil Infrastructure group is there to bring power to the site, distribute power, and deliver power to signals and streetlights.

  • Technology Solutions

    The Teledata, Multimedia, Avtec Physical Security, Wireless, and CVE Technologies Group teams are here to partner with you today and tomorrow with technology solutions that move and grow with your business needs.

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