What Do Industrial Electrical Contractors Do?

There are different segments in electrical work, such as commercial, service and maintenance, and industrial. You may wonder, “What do industrial electrical contractors do?” Basically, they offer electrical services to heavy industry companies.

The heavy industry sector, which includes mining, steel mills, and food processing facilities, requires large machinery and complicated electrical systems. Contractors should understand that these businesses usually have major jobs with tight deadlines.

Some of the tasks industrial electricians perform are installing arc furnaces, building substations, installing underground power distribution, excavating for deep foundations, and lighting the facilities along with utilities.  

Industrial electrical contractors may have to advise and supervise all aspects of electrical construction depending on the scope of work given to them. There are projects that have wide-ranging requirements that involve every side of electrical and technological services. 

Industrial Electrician Qualifications

Industrial electricians should have high-level thinking skills and know a lot of the work involved in heavy industrial projects because they need to solve problems with formulas and equations as well as deal with expensive equipment. They’re also expected to identify safety hazards.

Their training must include interpreting drawings, code specifications, and blueprints to install electrical systems. It’s also part of their responsibilities to test systems to make sure they’re functioning safely

Sometimes, there are projects that take electricians away from home for some time and they have to work long hours to meet deadlines or avoid too much downtime that can be costly for companies. They should expect weekend tasks or to be on call in case of emergencies.    

What to Look for in Industrial Electrician Companies

There are many things to consider when deciding on which contractor to hire for your facility or application. One of the most important considerations is its strict adherence to safety guidelines. The company should have a safety team that ensures their personnel is safe in the workplace.   

Working in dangerous and harsh environments is part of an industrial electrician’s reality. It’s their duty to conform to project requirements, comply with all wiring codes, and observe safety standards while it’s the contractor’s responsibility to make sure they’re always safe on site.

The contractor should also have various capabilities and a sufficient number of electricians to get the work done on time. Awards, wide scope of experience and decades of service are great indicators as well of a high-achieving electrician company.

CVE: Trusted Industrial Electrical Contractor for Over a Hundred Years

A family-owned business that has been a market leader in electrical construction since 1915, Cache Valley Electric was the first licensed electrical contractor in Utah and it continues to evolve as technology keeps moving at a fast pace.

CVE is now a ground-to-cloud technology solutions provider with nine divisions: heavy industrial, electrical construction, transmission line and substation, service, signal and utility, physical security, teledata and multimedia, Observian, and CVE Technologies Group Inc.

Our heavy industrial and other teams work together to bring complete solutions that will meet your needs. We build on the culture of excellence as we believe that the quality services our people provide have kept us in business for a century. Work with Cache Valley Electric today!