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50,000 sq. ft.

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    Zagg Inc.
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    50,000 sq ft
    Low Voltage | Teledata | CVE Technologies Group

Project Overview

ZAGG, an 11-year old company based in Salt Lake City, UT, is an industry leader for creative solutions that enhance and protect mobile devices around the world. Due to explosive growth, ZAGG decided to relocate to a larger facility this year. The company’s new 50,000 sq. ft. facility is located in Murray, UT and will support approximately 250 employees. This office space consists of two floors, with a premier retail store across the street.

CVE has assisted ZAGG for many years with electrical, teledata and technology integration needs as the company’s business has grown. Several of CVE’s divisions worked again with ZAGG on this new headquarters. Cache Valley Electric’s teledata crew, led by project manager Brad Christensen and lead technician Vince Lucero, was responsible for the voice and data build out in ZAGG’s new office space. Technicians installed 150,000’ of Cat 6A 10 gig cable and 700 Cat 6A 10 gig cables, as well as a 24 strand OM3 10 gig backbone and 2 IDF closets with a server room.

ZAGG also engaged CVE Technologies Group to assist in designing and upgrading its existing IT infrastructure as part of the building move. This project required all of the engineering teams within CVE Technologies Group to work together. Account Manager Matt Pierce noted that careful planning and coordination was required to make the project a success. Pierce remarked, “As a team we were able to make recommendations and ensure that all the different technologies that were being introduced would work together. As part of this project the existing data center in the old building would be abandoned and a new data center would be brought up in the new building. This all had to be done with minimal impact and downtime to the customer. We accomplished this with careful planning and a few all-night work shifts with both our team and ZAGG’s IT team. We also worked very closely with our Teledata Division and the Multimedia Department to install Zagg’s new video conferencing system.”

CVE’s Multimedia Department was responsible for the audio-visual scope in ten meetings rooms at the new ZAGG headquarters. These locations included small and medium conference rooms, a boardroom and a gallery space. The gallery space—also known as the “mosh pit”—is utilized for all-hands meetings. The leaders of ZAGG wanted a theater effect in this space, so CVE deployed JBL loudspeakers in a left-center-right configuration with surround and subwoofer speakers. A large format Panasonic laser projector provides visuals for this space and Crestron DM (Digital Media) technology supports the AV routing and system control. CVE Technologies Group also deployed three Cisco SX20 video endpoints that integrate with the overall audio-visual solutions. CVE’s Multimedia team consisted of project manager Fuji Sandoval, programmer Shaun McIntire, and foreman Dustin Willard.

ZAGG Network Architect Spencer Nichols commented, “I have never seen a team so knowledgeable, anywhere. I have complete confidence that your team could figure out any problem put in front of them. You have an engineering team that is equivalent to the Michael Jordan Bulls team. I don’t know how you put that team together but I would hold it together as long as possible. You may never see a team like this again, or at least for a very long time.”