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SDI, Flat Roll Steel Mill

Sinton, TX

Project Details

    Steel Dynamics, INC.
    Steel Dynamics, INC.
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Project Overview

Steel Dynamics, Inc. is currently building a new steel mill located near Sinton, TX. This mill will consist of a melt shop, hot mill, and cold mill complex. The melt shop will feature two DC Electric Arc Furnaces and a caster capable of producing a 5.2-inch thick by 84-inch wide slab. The hot mill will have two tunnel furnaces, a 2-stand roughing mill, a 6-stand finishing mill, a laminar cooling section, two downcoilers, and a coil conveying system. The cold mill complex will include a pickling line, tandem cold mill, batch annealing process, galvanizing line, and a paint line. This steel mill will offer various products—including some that are currently not available in the United States. Products produced at this facility will primarily serve the energy, automotive, construction, and appliance sectors.

Scope of Work

  • 35kv duct banks and power distribution
  • 280,000 feet (53 miles) of 6-inch PVC conduit
  • 480,000 feet (90 miles) of #500, 35kv cable
  • 5kv distribution duct banks
  • 170,000 feet (32 miles) of 2-inch and 4-inch PVC conduit
  • Cold Mill Complex embeds
  • 258,250 feet (49 miles) of 2-inch and 4-inch embedded conduits, with 2,852 stub ups
  • Continuous coating line (paint line) process installation
  • This project peaked with 120 people working six 10-hour shifts a week
  • Hot Mill process equipment electrical installation
  • This project will peak with 150 people working at six 10-hour shifts a week
  • Fiber optic backbone installation
  • Installation of over 40,000 feet of 576-strand singlemode fiber optic cable
  • E.C. Levy (slag handling) power distribution
  • EAF vault equipment
  • Various utility and lighting