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Public School District Wireless & Data Center Firewall Replacement

Layton, UT

Project Details

    Davis School District
    CVE Technologies Group

Project Overview

Davis School District, Utah’s second-largest district, with approximately 73,000 students, needed to ensure that all its students, teachers, and staff, whether working and learning in school or remotely had secure network access.

Davis School District was hitting a limitation with its legacy firewall that was causing performance issues for the students and staff on their wireless networks. The District’s initial plan was to scale up the firewall count to handle the load of increasing student devices. CVE Tech proposed a different solution that made it possible to keep the firewall count down and still be able to secure the increasing load of student devices.

Included in the scope of the project was a set of firewalls to protect the District’s data center. The new Next Generation Firewalls give them insight into what applications are being used, which user is using them as well as protection against the latest and emerging threats. Having this depth of visibility into these areas of their network will help the Davis School District IT staff focus their efforts and improve their overall security posture.

Scope of Work

  • Configuration and design of 6 firewalls instead of 10
  • Increased visibility improving Davis School District’s overall security posture
  • CVE Tech partnered with Palo Alto Networks to provide their next gen firewalls and advanced capabilities

Business Issue Solved

Davis School District was able to purchase 6 firewalls instead of the proposed 10 based on the technical architecture, which saved the district approximately $200,000 while giving them new state-of-the-art firewalls with centralized management.